Wristband Printing Solutions

Bracelets for hospitals or medical facilities offer a comfortable, efficient and sure method for the identification of people, e.g. facility patients or visitors.

Thanks to unique, complete and exact visual information, including a bar code printed on the bracelet, patient treatments, access controls and cashless transactions can be carried out with a minimum of effort and a maximum of security.


Smart wristbands for hospitals or medical facilities  with integrated RFID reading and writing functionality offer the greatest possible flexibility for tracing and can be scanned even through clothes and blankets.

These bracelet solutions come in sizes for adults, children and newborns, various optional colors, self-sticking and with clip fasteners as well as the choice between thermo-transfer or thermo-direct print.

We also offer alternative materials upon your request.

Z-Band Direct

The premium Direct-bracelets for hospitals or medical facilities offer excellent print quality for an exact identification of patients and visitors. The are self-adhesive, free of latex, UV-coated and are water-, smudge and abrasion-resistant as well as resistant to alcohol and mild detergents. They are also supplied with  antimicrobial coating (patent pending).


  • Safe and unique patient identification in medical facilities
  • Admittance control at sports events, festivals, concerts or leisure parks
  • Secure surveillance and monitoring in restricted access areas

Z-Band comfort

The new soft flexible comfort wristbands provide excellent print quality for accurate patient and visitor tracking. They are self-adhesive, free of latex, water-, smudge and abrasion-resistant as well as resistant to alcohol and mild detergents. They have superior resistance to hand sanitizers.


Wristband Printers from Zebra

The first wrist band printing system in the world – we deliver the right printer for every wrist band type.

Wirstband Kasette

Cartridges for the HC100

The cartridges for the HC100-bracelet printer from Zebra are easy to change. They contain Z-Band Direct and Z-Band QuickClip bracelets. Every cartridge has the smart chip technology which calibrates the printer automatically and is pre-programmed with ideal settings for print speed and temperature to ensure a durable and optimal print quality.

HC100 cartridges are available for all Z volume Direct- and Z tape QuickClip dimensions. They are available for adults and children and in any colors requested.