The RFID technology has advantages compared to the barcode, such as the contactless view scanning.
Among other things, the trade hopes to improve by Introduction of this technology, a better tracking and tracing, less shrinkage, higher availability of articles for the customer and more accurate inventory information.

There are currently a large number of challenges which are to be passed, in order for RFID to be able to complement or even replace the conventional barcode in the long term. Especially in open transponder circuits there are questions regarding the standardization of RFID and the running costs of labeling articles, boxes or pallets.

ORYX Technologies delivers

  • RFID-labels,
  • flexible-tags,
  • patch-tags and
  • hard tags

for versatile applications such as:

  • Optimization and automation of logistical processes
  • Tagging parts
  • Container-logistic
  • Work piece carrier
  • Rail traffic
  • Shipping
  • Automotive industry
  • Security (incl. GPS-systems)
  • Department stores (incl. textile tagging)
  • Environmental,  agrarian, pharmaceutical and electronic sectors