Barcode Scanner

To collect data automatically and to implement them in diverse concepts is becoming increasingly important. Nowadays it is essential to present data in uniform structures to ensure system compatibility and global competitiveness. The bar code has proven to be successful with this, both the linear bar code and the 2D-/Matrix-code.

Here is a small overview of our linear and 2D/Matrix-Code scanners:

  • Contakt Scanner 1000 / 1090+
  • Bluetooth Scanner 1166 / 1266
  • Value Scanner 1500
  • Enterprise & Retail Logistic Terminal 8000
  • Industry Logistic Terminal 8300
  • Industry Logistic Terminal 8500
  • 9400 Serie
  • Industry Logistic Terminal 9500

In addition to these products we offer many more linear and 2D/matrix-code-scanners suited for your specific needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us and so we can help to match your needs.